Starting a business on your own can be an intimidating experience. 

H​owever, w​ith the right passion, motivation, and the right people supporting you along the way, that path to owning a business c​an ​be yours.

SCORE helped actress Jane Labanz turn her passion for calligraphy into her own business, The Delicate Pen, by helping her develop her first product line of stationery.

Laura Dessauer formed her business foundation, The Creativity Queen, with the help of her SCORE mentors. Her idea of providing art therapy to children expanded into 12-week courses, books and a DVD. 

Marni Vyn, owner of Chosen Resumes LLC, was able to form her business goals, emphasizing sales, marketing and finances for her home business with the help of her SCORE mentor.

With support and expertise guiding them, these professionals were able to start successful companies, and follow their passions. Our volunteer mentors stand ready to help you on your journey to small business success. 

Solopreneur Series: SCORE Leaders